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CNET Tucows
Psychoneuroimmunology - Play for your health!

Yeah, it's a BIG word. What it boils down to is the correlation between your mental health and your physical health. Whether you're trying to heal or just stay healthy, studies are proving that card game playing, especially Spite & Malice playing, is good for your health.

Unsolicited Testimonials:

After suffering for years from carpel-tunnel syndrome, I finally went for the surgery. After the surgery, I was in more pain and I only had the use of one hand, but the drugs were good. The doctor said it would be a month before I could go back to work [occupation withheld] and I was going stir crazy. My wife finally got fed up and stuck me in front of the computer and started up SpiteNET. Well, me & that sucker went at it day and night for two weeks! My wrist was healed in two weeks! But I liked playing and I had a note from the doctor so I stayed home for the rest of the month and played Spite and Malice. Thanks Spite!
-Kevin S., Denver, Colorado

oh just wanted to tell you my sis was in a accident and they had to do tests on her. one test required that she stay  up all night then be in hospital to take test. guess  what we did all night??? yes you are right played spite. see how useful this game is.
-Judy B., Jefferson City, MO 

I used to beat my wife. Now I beat Spite. My parole officer says it's the best thing that ever happened to my marriage. Actually I use the Malice personality. It doesn't make me a wimp or nothing. It's a mother thing. [photo of MOM tattoo enclosed]
-Bubba B., San Antonio, TX

Spite is a lifesaver! My mom is 87 and just got out of the hospital after suffering a severely broken left wrist. But her mouse-hand is fine, and Spite is saving her sanity, helping to keep her occupied and interested during a hard time. She said she wakes up about midnite every night and plays spite until she's tired enough to go back to sleep. It keeps the demons away. Thanks so much, and I thought you'd want to know how helpful it is.
-Marsha (and Millie), Somerville, MA

Jag var blind, men efter playing S&M varje dag - jag kan see igen! Tack!
-Lilian, Lidköping, Sweden

My hand had to be reattached after I had an incident with my lawn mower. yeah, I know, but %&!# [stuff] happens. Anyway, to stimulate the blood to flow again in my digits, the doc wanted to use surgical leeches. I don't care if "surgical" means clean, those are %*(&# [very] ugly, slimy, creatures. So I told him to *^%# [go away] and checked out and went home and started playing Spite. Turns out that moving the mouse so much stimulated the blood flow and now I can high five my friends again!
-Anthony S., Brooklyn, NY

For most of my life I've had this annoying problem with like a voice talking to me in my head. Its very distracting and was a ;problem when I was in school. Some times it told me to do things I really didn't want to do and sometimes it was just political arguements about who to vote for, stuff like that and it got on my friends nerves tho I don't know why cause they really couldn't hear him. They got a computer on my ward last year and the nurses played Spite and malice when things were quiet. I started playing too and when I heard Spite yapping at me I knew who it was! So now if I play 50 games a day the voice stays in the game and outta my head! Thanks man!
-Randy V., Bellview, NY

Yes, I suffer from being an ASP, that's right! and I'm not ashamed to admit it either. I know there are more of you out there: ADDICTED SPITENET PLAYERS!!! ......Our family used to play Spite and Malice for years. Sometimes there were 16-18 of us playing at one time and with the original game, you needed a deck of cards for every player, a card dealers worst nightmare. You can just imagine how excited I was to see SpiteNet, now I'm getting the whole family addicted!! .....Thanks for bringing this back into our lives, since we don't have time to get together as often as we like, as least we still have the game. And when we played the real game, cards would go flying, and many a husband slept on the couches the nights of the games!!!! It's a lot less hostile this way! ......enjoy yourselves every body!!
-Charlotte, E. Norriton, PA 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!   Got my mom addicted - used to have drive 25 miles round trip to play the card game with her.  Now the odometer is getting a rest - both of them...on my car & on the guilt trips!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
-Michelle, Alabama

Editor's note: Some unsolicited testimonials have been edited for content, lucidity and spelling.
Submissions should be sent to Spite@spitenet.com Subj: SpiteNET Health


Player Statistics

Who is the oldest SpiteNET: Spite and Malice player???

Merle (aka Pops) from Sun City, CA, holds the distinction of being the oldest known Spite & Malice Player. Pops turned 95 years young last May (2008)! He kicked off 2004 with a new computer and enjoys playing computer games, music, jokes and working on his web site.
Personal Quote: "Don't take any wooden nickels"

If you can top Merle's age, Send an email with your age and tell us about how you learned to play the game. I think we can use a male/female category, so ladies, please write!

Can you top these SCORE statistics? If you can, send your score file to Spite@spitenet.com.

And how about YOUR Spite? What's the best run he's ever had?

LindaM from Santa Monica, California has the highest Best Run of cards we've seen.
55 cards played in a single turn!

Update 13-Oct-02: Best Run of Side Cards!
20 SIDE cards played in a single turn during a 26 card game.
Submitted by Neil from Lakeville, Massachusetts

 Runner up 06-Mar-01:
18 SIDE cards played in a single turn during a 20 card game. Submitted by Lilian from Lidköping, Sweden


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