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So who or what is Spite, anyway?

SpiteNET: Spite and Malice is a challenging card game that engages the player with its resident computer personality opponent, Spite. As the game is intended to be played, it is a battle of the wills as each player tries to be the first to finish playing all their side cards. Spite & Malice has often been called "Husband & Wife" to reflect the kind of tit for tat game play it evokes.
Spite will taunt you as any human opponent would, with sounds and words...

Spite and Malice is easy to learn how to play. Build up Center piles in solitaire fashion (Ace to Queen sequence) with cards from your Hand and Hold piles so that you are able to play your Side card. The first player who plays all 20 of their Side cards to the Center piles wins!

SpiteNET: Spite and Malice is the most challenging Spite and Malice software available!

A detailed User's Manual is included in the game, which can be viewed in the game as a Help file or printed out. The game is easily customizable: change from the default rules and number of opponents, change backgrounds and deck styles, add your own sounds, use tile, metallic or standard picture playing cards or large, easy to read number only cards (pictured above). There are even lots of free add-on personality modules for when you want a change from Spite himself!

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SpiteNET: Spite and Malice