SpiteNET: Spite and Malice

Lots of Little Details:

Program: SpiteNET: Spite & Malice Multiple Personality Edition, v.10.5.0

So who or what is Spite anyway???


System Requirements:
For Windows Operating Systems:  Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

Download filename: spiteset.zip   Size: 8.3 MB (8286 KB)  Release date: 02/27/14   Price $12.99 US

SpiteNET: Spite & Malice is designed for a minimum of 1024x768 monitor resolution.

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The program you download is in zipped format.

The program you download is playable for 30 days after installation. It includes 10 sample games. After purchasing you will be sent a registration code by email which will remove the trial period restrictions, no further files need to be download (except add-on personalities, free to registered users).

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SPITENET: SPITE & MALICE is not public domain or free software. Shareware gives users the opportunity to try out software before purchasing it. If you like this program and use it, then register and pay for it. 

The Shareware system of distributing software programs was developed to give users the chance to preview software before purchasing it. Buying standard commercial software off the shelf in your local store can be a risky venture when trying out something new – you can never be sure till you get it home and install it, whether or not it is really a program that you will use and enjoy.

The Internet provides software developers with a way to present their programs to potential customers by providing a Shareware version that users can test out before purchasing. Most Shareware programs have a 30-day trial period, a limited number of times you can use it or restrictions on some of the program’s features. SpiteNET: Spite & Malice has 10 sample games which can be played during a 30-day trial period, after which time the software is disabled. Some features, such as customizing Spite’s Comments and Sounds and playing on the Internet are disabled till the game is registered and paid for. Additional add-on personalities are available for the licensed version.

To Register online with a major credit card, click here:  Order Page

To register your copy by mail, please fill out the registration form using the Register option from the game's Help Menu, then send an email to obtain the current mail-in address: Registration@spitenet.com.  $15.99 U.S., check or money order (foreign checks not accepted).

=CREDITS=  Credit Due

 Background photographic artwork by:

  Kevin Scofield, Used with permission.


Enough technical stuff -- just download the complete Spite!



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