SpiteNET: Spite and Malice
Personality Adjustment

Add-on computer personality modules for SpiteNET Version 10 (Multiple Personality Edition)

Name: Spite

Spite, the one and only
Name: Rip, the mad scientist

Description: Rip, the mad scientist Be afraid, be very afraid! Rip delights in frightening the wits out of his opponents. Rumor has it that he has invented a secret formula that can turn a losing hand into a handful of Wild cards.

Name: Malice

Description: Malice, the malicious female Elderly female
(age withheld) with a few aces up her sleeve. Keep your guard up, she may not be as sweet as she appears.

The default personality included in your game is naturally Spite. His personality is defined by the sounds he uses (his voice), his avatar, the comments he makes during game play and his behavior after winning a game.

Version 10 also includes the personalities for Malice and Rip, which can be used during the trial period.

Need a change? To switch from Spite's personality, go to the game's Options Menu, Opponent's Setup. If you are playing a 2-player game (1 opponent), just select Malice or Rip's name from the drop down box and click Save Opponent.

Registered users can add-on the MPE personality modules for free:

Pictured below, from left to right:

All My Personalities

Downloading instructions for these add-on personalities are included in your registration code email.



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