Iris, Bo and Robyn
The hosts: Iris, Bo and Robyn

the very first...

Spite Union!

September 16-18 2005

Newark, Delaware


News Flash: Cards flew this past weekend at the Holiday Inn in Newark, Delaware when it was invaded by Spite & Malice enthusiasts, who partied hard and played ruthlessly.


Mari Michaelis & Bo Gland
Mari & Bo

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GoBOnanas -

with Bo's Spite Union Theme Song !

Satchpatch Album 1

Satchpatch Album 2

Iris's Album

Brenda BACardinal's Album

Janevets' Album

Mari's Album

Q&A ambush session for programmer Mari.


Friday night: Face to Face
Most of the Union participants arrived Friday and after an informal dinner, spent the evening partying around the pool. Players traveled from Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and Canada (BC), as well as Bo from Delaware, who just had to drag her sorry butt out of bed and drive 10 minutes to get there.

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Saturday afternoon: The Tournament
The first ever non-virtual S&M tournament was sweated out Saturday afternoon in the hotel's bar & lounge. (Any player that claims that alcohol affected their ability to play is a wuz.)

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to see photo highlights from the tournament!

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4th place:  WonderAli
3rd place:  Bibi
2nd Place: MissVicki
1st place:
Shar, the Canadian who walked away with the Spiteful Cup!

Saturday night: The Dinner Dance

Awards & Kudos

Dinner & Karaoke

Group Photos

Video Clips

Sunday morning: Brunch

Good bye and thanks to everyone for coming! Photos

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