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The Farmingdale HARDSCRABBLE
Club Reports

Sent: Friday, July 26, 2013 3:04 PM
Subject: Hardscrabble club report 7/25/13

We had eight shifty Scrabble cheaters at the club last night. The biggest scoundrel was Marie who went 4-0 stealing "Player of the Week" honors and bagging a 42 point rating boost. She literally kicked ass last night averaging 449 between her 4 games. Quite impressive and I (Bernie) know first hand after kicking off my game with her with a 160 point bingo-bongo I figured it was gonna be clear sailing all the way in that one but Marie apparently didn't get that memo and proceeds to grab me by the cojones and turns it all around with a 440-414 victory. I mean WTF! Her next victims were Colleen 437-358, Steve 461-293 and George 457-319. Her bingos: TOWELING PURSING ENDEARS and GRAVURES.

Debbie was next in line on the cheating side of town with a 2-1 night going up 14 points. First she has her way with Pete except somehow he never got the happy ending with that 395-340 game. Same deal with Steve 430-333. Her bingos: REBOUNDS NUDGERS and POUCHES.

Jimbo had a 5 point increase for the night with his 2-1 performance. His wins: George 423-276 and Debbie 397-365. His bingos: STAINERS ROADEOS and JOUSTING.

George saw a 2 point increase in his ratings this evening despite only going 1-3 for the night. His win over Deb 361-341. His bingos: LICHENS STRAINED DAUNTER and RENDING.

Steve went 2-2 this evening with wins over Colleen 362-342 and Bernie 395-300. His bingos: MORALES DANCING and MEANIES.

Pete went 2-1 dropping 5 pts. with wins over George 395-391 and Jimbo 350-338. His bingos: REMORSES TRITONS and SATIRIC.

Colleen 1-3 with a win over Bernie in her second match against him 401-354. Her bingos: TANNING LIONISE INCITES and SEDGIEST.

Bernie had the rug pulled out from under him this evening with a 1-3 and a 27 point drop in his ratings (ouchy) His win against Colleen 370-356. In his loss to Marie where he came out of the gate like a bat out of hell he had GUNNERY and a 5 letter overlap with LOAMIER which was pretty sweet but had to settle with high loss for the night at 414 in that one. In his other games he had ENSIGNS.

Speaking of gates, we seem to have a bit of a Scrabblegate situation that's developed around the 2013 National Scrabble Championship in Las Vegas where an expert level player in the Collins division was expelled from the games for cheating but guess I won't repeat any of that huh. Apparently there's a bit of a hush hush let's not give Scrabble a black eye two years in a row predicament to do with the Nationals and I can sympathize but what are we gonna all pretend it never happened?? A big congrats anyhow to a few of our locals who participated like Eileen, Ginger and Pat who we all observed from afar.

Bernie McMahon reporting