Wallpaper Samples and Links

Wallpaper Hanger comes with a few sample desktop wallpapers to get you started. Below you will find free wallpaper pictures that you can download and save.

To save a wallpaper, click the picture link. After the picture is displayed, right-click it and choose "Save Picture As..." to save it to your computer. Save the pictures to your My Documents\Wallpaper Hanger folder.

Animated Wallpapers from SpiteNET (WinXP only):

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Wallpaper Links:

Please do not HOT LINK to these pictures!

Please don't steal my bandwidth or I will be unable to continue displaying them.

If you want to display them on your website, you must download the picture and then upload it to your website.

Bass Guitar Wallpapers - Lots of fun bass guitar related wallpapers by Mari.

- Incredible wallpaper pictures from the Hubble Spacecraft.


- Good assortment of wallpapers with sizes for large monitors and wallpapers designed for wide screen monitors from Desktop Wallpaper.

- Great photographic, illustration, 3D, abstract, fractal, etc., wallpaper desktops from Scott M Hill.


- Beautiful animal, sports and scenic wallpaper from Pennsylvania.


- 23 beautiful galleries with a wide variety of categories by Cloudeight.

Suggest a link to your favorite wallpaper site! Please write Spite@spitenet.com with the email subject: Wallpaper_Link_Suggestion. Please be sure to only suggest "safe" sites -- websites that aren't overwhelmed with ads, pop-ups or require special software.