Why have just one desktop wallpaper staring back at you day after day? With Wallpaper Hanger you can enjoy all your favorite pictures on your desktop changed on the time schedule you choose.

The easy to use Settings window lets you add pictures to your Wallpaper Hanger picture folder. Click on a picture name in the Wallpaper list to view it as a thumbnail in the upper right hand corner, showing you how the picture will look on your desktop.

If your picture doesn't fill your entire desktop, you can choose a matching background color for it. Each picture can have its own settings for background color and display (centered, tiled or stretched).

Oversized pictures are automatically resized to fit your desktop.


But why not take control of your desktop and create your own wallpapers?

Create your own Wallpaper

With bigger and wider monitors, having one picture encompassing your entire desktop can be a bit too much. With Wallpaper Hanger's Create Wallpaper feature, you can use pictures that are smaller than your desktop on top of a background that fills your desktop.

Choose whether you'd like a gradient background or a picture background behind your picture.

Wallpaper Hanger includes over 30 background tiles to get you started. You can add your own or do an Internet search for “background tiles” or “background textures” and find countless websites where you can download more pictures for free and add them to your backgrounds folder.

Choose how you want your picture oriented on your background: centered, top, bottom, left, right and how much of a margin you'd like.

You can add a border around your picture to set it off from the background.

With the gradient background, you can pick the colors and choose how you want the gradient displayed: horizontal, vertical, sphere or diagonal. Comes with an eyedropper tool to help you pick the exact color you'd like from anywhere on your screen.



Make a composite wallpaper of your favorite photos!

Select a photo, click Combine Pics and place it where you'd like with the Picture Orientation feature. Save it as a wallpaper and choose another photo to add. Return to Combine Pics and add your newly created wallpaper to the backgrounds list. Position your new photo on the wallpaper and save. Repeat for as many photos as you'd like to add.

Resize your pictures  - Photo too big? Resize and save it as a jpg.


Need cropping? - Get rid of unwanted areas in your photos.

Center, Tile or Stretch or pictures



Your favorite smaller pictures can be tiled across your desktop.


Click to Enlarge


Set the time schedule and it's ready to go!

Decide how often you would like your desktop wallpaper changed. Choose daily, once a week, once a month or even hourly if you'd like. Click the "Start Wallpaper Hanger" button and you're all set.


A handy icon is added to your Windows System Tray on the taskbar so you can quickly change to another wallpaper with a right mouse click.




Windows XP Active Desktop Users Only - Add a little animation to your desktop!

Add you favorite animated pictures to your Wallpaper Hanger folder and give your desktop a little life.

Screen Saver

Wallpaper Hanger also comes with a slide show screen saver so that you can also enjoy all your photos. Just point it to a folder with your photos and you'll have a great animated slide show. Easily change to another folder of photos by pressing the spacebar while it's running. Oversized photos are automatically resized to fit your monitor.

Download Wallpaper Hanger now and try it out for a free 10 day trial.