Divide a square or rectangle into
3rds, 5ths or 7ths

1. Make a template with another piece of paper, the same size as the paper used for the model.

2. Divide the template paper into 8ths by folding horizontal lines.

3. Place the bottom corner of your paper on the bottom edge or 1st crease line of the template.

4. Count up 3 crease lines if you want to divide the paper into 3rds, 5 crease lines for 5ths or 7 crease lines for 7ths. Line up the top corner of your paper with that line.

5. Mark your paper where the crease line below the top corner meets the edge of your model paper. If you don’t want to mark your model paper, just fold the top corner of your model paper down 2 crease lines below it.

Example: Folding 5ths

Square -                                                   Mark the paper - or - just fold

Now you can fold the paper into 5thsFold the 5ths
Rectangle -

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