First off, I can't really play the bass. I mean, I really like playing the bass but instead of practicing, I find myself off on tangents doing what I do best. And that would be PhotoShopping up photos and graphics with bass guitars or adding code to my music reading/bass fretboard training software or trying out some new javascript or php routine. Or if I get too wound up, I'll crochet something. It's been pointed out to me that the tedious string crochet I do doesn't appear to be relaxing, but I've seen patients doing basket weaving and it works for them. You'll find a few of my music related crochet charts posted on this site.

My other love is Origami. When your fingers need a rest from playing bass, you might enjoy folding paper. My Marigami Origami site is devoted to spreading the passion.

I started this bass guitar related site because I wanted to give something back to the bass playing community. There are so many great free resources on the Internet and this is my way of say thanks.

At any rate, that's what I do in my spare time. For daily work, I write and sell computer card games, design websites, create online databases, etc. If you like the the free music reading/bass fretboard software or the bass wallpapers, you could buy one of my software card games so that I'll have more time to work on the free stuff. 😉 Links to my site are appreciated as well. Or you could just send me an email and say something encouraging or funny. That works for me too.

Learning, learning, learning...

I started learning to play the bass in 2003 in order to let Rich be free to play lead guitar while his daughter played rhythm.

Occasionally Rich allows me to touch his 50th Anniversary Edition Fender Precision bass.


My basses: a Spector Spectorcore 4BT semi-hollow body and a Fender Acoustic bass  (Stain glass by Rich.)
Mari Michaelis

Mari and her favorite bass. I got this bass for my fiftieth birthday.
Yeah, that's the big FIVE-OH.

My other bass...