Playing Cassino by SpiteNET Online

Cassino by SpiteNET is also playable online through the Internet or through a Local Area Network (LAN) against humans. Although it can't possibly be as challenging as playing against the computer opponent, Cassino provides a great way to enjoy playing and chatting online with friends and family.

Cassino can be easily played by 2 players through the Internet or a home network/LAN connection (TCP/IP protocol). It's easy to connect, just use your normal way of getting online and start up the game! Best of all, it's free to play online - there are no special sites to go to or online gaming fees. As long as each player has their own registered copy of the game, you can connect and play.

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The game includes a Chat window so that you can chat while you play, as well as send sounds and picture icons into your opponent's game. There's even a place in the chat window to display a picture of your online opponent. And if you're not much into typing, you can store up to 20 comments in the numbered comment buttons, so that you can quickly fire off your thoughts to your opponent with the click of a button.